Metang Stadium Challenge Price and Rarity?

So I was trading for a Metang Stadium Challenge card and was wondering what the deal is with this card. I’ve heard only about 500 were made and in circulation but I have no way to verify any of these claims. I did look on Ebay to see it going between 100-120, but again thats what they were priced and not sold at. Any information on this card would be really appreciated!

Considering you see appx 100.00 on eBay for something trade about 80.00 in value and you won’t be too far off.

It’s a solid $50 card. Could probably get a ten or two more on top of that because of current scarcity.

So the above $80 suggestion is spot on.


Ahhhh well I overpaid a bit lol. I Plan to get it graded and it looks like it could pull a 9 or possibly even a 10. So i’m hoping the grading will help even it up.

If you traded into it, it’s not as big a deal. Don’t worry too much.

You wanted it. You got it. You’re the winner. :blush:


Charlie I love this post. Great comment.

Haha that’s a great way to look at it. At the end of the day I lost a card I already have and only paid about 60. Plus, I do like the card alot lol. I like this website so far haha.


I knew you’d like it here :wink:

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This Guy ^ :blush:

Thanks to him I am on this site lol, Appreciate all your help my friend!

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No problem, happy to help :blush:

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