Merry Christmas!

**Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone gets something pokemon under the tree!**[/color]

And have a happy new year!

damb you beat me to it. I swore I was going to wake up at 12:00 and do it but I hit the snooze on my alarm clock. its quorter to two now. but anyways thank you and I hope you and every one will have a very merry christmas.
good night

Merry Christmas to everyone and the entire UPCCC community :blush:

So? Hope everyone had a good time, spent some time with loved ones etc. etc.

But now for the good part :stuck_out_tongue:. Did anyone get stuff Pokémon related?

Haha same here Dj!

I didn’t get many pokemon things, 4 boosters, 2 lv x’s in them :blush: But other than that not much!

Yes I will put aside a good amount for it! And yeah we can work out the specifics :blush:

no pokemon but got a X BOX 360! and that kinnect thing, it’s cool

Yeah but conversely people who get into Worlds without grinding have had to top Nationals or rankings so it kinda makes sense. Plus, the mathematics is such that if there are only so many places through LCQ, and loads of people turn up, the top cut will have to be brutal or the tournament will go on forever.

I’d go with the mindset of a vacation/buying rare cards to avoid disappointment with the chance to play at Worlds a nice bonus :blush:

(Good luck UPCCC crew I want one of you to rock Worlds and win. That’d make me laugh so hard because of how serious players take the game at the exclusion of collecting :wink:)

Hmmm… that explains even more why you need to go X-0 or X-1 then.

I wish I could be there, I want to buy loads of cards :stuck_out_tongue: