Maybe I'm overdoing it...

…but you can’t pass on a good deal when you see one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

IMG_610300 by Cujucuyo, on Flickr


I do not recognise that Pokemon. Must be one of those obscure Gen 3 Pokemon that always get posted on ‘Most forgotten Pokemon’ lists.



30 Surfing Pikachus! Not bad. I hear that @milhouse has 31, you might need another 30 to have the most @cujucuyo

Actually looks pretty cool all together like that.

I like how the canon lense cover made it in there.


That is unacceptable! I shall burn my cards in protest. :rage:

Overdoing it thread?
Overdoing it thread.


I might win this… I just ordered this…

Look on the how many Sold part and count how many I just bought… I already have about 15-20 of them btw… So that puts me at what… 30 maybe even 35…?

I WANT an English PSA 10 dammit!

@smpratte, I hate that you have one that is for sale btw. But, I don’t have 700+ to drop on 1 card… I would also like a PSA-10 English Shiny Charizard from Plasma Storm… I’ve pulled 7 of them myself and they keep grading 9’s… Why, Scott, why…?

That’s one pikachu card I don’t have. o:

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