Master scroll

What would be a good price range for a mint master scroll. I will be in the market for one around the beginning of August and was wondering as I have never seen one go at Auction.

Ones on Yahoo, on auction, and is currently a little over $2000.

But that’s mint in the Original casing

His taking about the Daisuki Master scroll not the Master’s Key.

I think these go for the Low hundreds ($300-$500) if im not mistaken

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Think you’re referring to the Master Key, which is signicantly rarer. Master scroll is a daisuki club reward - one was on Yahoo from the same seller and was sealed, and ended at 50,000 JPY without any bids if that gives you an idea at all.

Edit: Beat to the punch :stuck_out_tongue:

cool thank u now just to find a sealed one.

Do you have a link to the Master Key auction?