Masaki Pass Card

Is 40 dollars for Pokemon Japanese Bill’s vending Masaki Pass Card Mint much or ok? What do you think/know?

Woah! Think it through… I’m offering my Masaki’s to you at $35 each. So yes, that’s probably expensive

Which reminds me… photos. I’ll try ASAP

Im not talking about Masaki Pokemons…this is a Pass Card. Ive thought its over to change pass-card for Masaki Pokemon…or am I wrong?

It is, but Dogma is saying that the Pass Card is worth less than the Masaki holos. I’m not sure which one is rarer in terms of amount printed/amount of pass cards not traded in but most people pay less for the pass card. The holos are probably more valuable because of their artwork and b/c they are holo.

Aha, thanks for explanation. So the pass card could be around 20-25 dollars? (your opinion)

the pass card is alot less but also the later printing of vending series 3 took out the pass card and replaced them after the promotion was over.