March 3rd - March 9th, 2014 - Hypno - Great Encounters

Card of the week - March 3rd - March 9th, 2014****Hypno - Great Encounters

Suggested by @soulwind
Hypno does not get enough love, he is terrible in the VGC and equally unloved in the TCG. However I think this artwork is awesome. DPP era has some real duds, but this one is a standout.


Hypno card that actually looks cool instead of creepy/odd? I’m in.

Isn’t he peeking into somebody’s bedroom window in this artwork? How is that NOT creepy/odd? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hypno is an underdog. I love how he is one of the few verified creepy Pokemon.

My favorite card, however, is this:

Mostly because the holographic version was absolutely STUNNING in terms of colors and design. It’s one of my favorite holographic card designs. However, this picture of it doesn’t do it ANY justice.


What about the Hypno from Aquapolis. That’s the first really great card of Hypno in my opinion.

I think the Aquapolis one is my favorite. But this is a close 2nd, and the snowy winter theme fits (lots of snow along the eastern US coast lately).

Wow, this card is great. As mentioned above, the aquapolis Hypno is similarly creepy!