Mada0's collection - life of a JP card holo addict

Am currently waiting for the remainder of my 151 set cards to arrive, I will have achieved a complete set in my books.

It will be all pokemon in pokeball reverse holo, plus every other pokemon type cards - alt art rares, ex’s etc (other than the Mew ex alt art which costs way beyond what I want to pay for), whatever full art rares I pulled from packs cause I’m not a big fan of those.

I plan to do something special to showcase these cards in my collection, am still brainstorming but keep an eye out on a future reply on my collection thread!

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As mentioned, my idea of a complete set is completely based on holos! So, I collected every card in the pokeball reverse holo, along with all the ARs and SARs of pokemon, less the trainer cards.

I’ve decided to show a comparison between the new art and original art - it’s interesting to see the similarities, references and complete makeovers between generations. A shoutout to the Pokellector website for the scans of the original Japanese cards! Do pinch and zoom in to see the artwork, I tried the best resolution without filesizes being too crazy but do enjoy!

The starter trio, with a random FA that I pulled lol. Notice the similarities in the background scenery, you will find this is a recurring theme in the artwork for the 151 set.

Across evolution lines in the 151 set, you’ll notice there’s a dawn to dusk or vice versa treatment to the background.

Everyone’s favourite, the tower artwork.

Intermission message, it’s quite amazing that the OG set had less than 5 artists involved. They really laid the groundwork for the whole future of the TCG, we are really lucky to experience this period in the hobby!

When I compare the old Clefairy/Clefable to the new ones, I’d like to think ryoma interpreted what the cosmo holo would be as an illustration since there was no real background, and so it appears as star-like flowers against the forest in the 151 set…really clever! This happens quite a lot across the set as well.

I wonder if the Abra is the same one that just teleported to another location in the savanna haha. Also I really struggled to decide on placing the SAR Alakazam with the OG cards but I just didn’t want to break the layout…hope it does not bug you all as much as it does for me.

The Ponyta and Rapidash really looks like reimagined artwork from the OG one, its such a nostalgia trigger!

I remember as a kid I had the Electrode but it was from a fake booster, and I always wondered if it didn’t actually have the rainbow background because I always thought that’s a funny way to show an explosion. This was from before internet was readily available btw…

As a kid, looking at the artwork of the rare cards, I would always imagine how amazing it would be if they were bigger. Fast forward to now and we get full arts like this, amazing!


The reverses are so good man. Congrats on completing the full set, it’s a real satisfying one. Part of me wants to get them all in reverse–for now I’ll be content with the ones I pulled and the rest of the commons. But man, seeing them all together is eye candy.

I was already planning on it, but seeing your slow reverses is prompting me to go check on those immediately. Need them now.


My pictures really do not do justice to them, when looking at them all in the binder… Man… Its crazy good, I highly recommend you do it soon! There are a few which are priced a bit higher like Pikachu, Psyduck, Magikarp but definitely not as high as the master all reverse holos haha!

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I finally got the Mew EX SAR and am calling my 151 set complete! Have laid it out into the 151 section.

Additionally, I have acquired a few other holos - promos and some other random cards. Have also rearranged some card section galleries so feel free to scroll through and take a look!

Newly created section for fire-types.

^The reverse mirror holo really makes the artwork pop like it’s holographic even though it isn’t.

^I get reminded of cooking battle anime when I see this artwork. Anyway, I got it on a recent holo-finding spree since it is meant to be in a pair with the Saito art Arcanine!

^A good pupper taking a nap…

^Said Saito art Arcanine!

^Good pup that evolved into a vigilant poke

^Took me a long time but I finally caved and bought this card. Holo here reminds me of fireflies.

^I wish this card was a holo, it is already amazing but would be crazy with a holo!


That Shinji Kanda Magmar is just absolutely fantastic. Great update and thanks for sharing.


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I’m not sure how to quote reply the card pictures from this post but what are the names of these two cards? I like the fishing related Pokemon cards and these look awesome! Great collection and thanks for showing!


Glad you enjoyed! Good question on the image reply, I noticed others have done that in the thread too! Maybe I’ll figure it out on desktop…

For the card names, in Japanese they are ハギ老人の思いやり and 釣り人.

In English it’s Old Hagi’s Compassion and Fisherman.

Shameless self-plug, I also shared my excel sheet in the original thread post, where you can find the card info displayed neatly too in case anyone wants to search for card names etc.!

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