M Sachiko EX TCG XY 20th Anniversary

I happen to be searching randomly and this card popped up. Any back info? I didn’t find anything in search results on E4 but its an interesting and expensive card, YIKES :grin:! Does anyone own this card? Would prefer your point of view and info, I know its on bulbapedia…

Here is the information for M Sachiko (left).

Here is the information for Suzukisan (right).

The Suzukisan card is more popular, probably because it looks like and is old school art. The illustration was actually from the 1998 Let’s Trade Please CD.


I really like how a real life Japanese person made it so deep into a fantasy franchise as Pokémon. I’m of course talking about Tomoaki Imakuni aka Imakuni? who can be seen on the Suzukisan card in his standard goofball attire. I’m pretty sure he’s the only real life person to be inside an actual Pokémon game. So I’d have to side with smpratte that the Suzukisan card would be the more desirable card out of those two. Retro art work combined with the mystic allure of Imakuni? make for a beatifully niche card. With only 100 copies it’s also among the rarest cards in the hobby, albeit a quite recent card.


Interesting read, thanks for the info!


Great, I had forgotten that that card on the left existed… now I have to have that image in my mind again. Easily one of the dumbest looking cards ever released, makes me have no interest in what its story is honestly.

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