Looking to trade for Ninetales/Ampharos Promos

Hi there, I’ve just joined the site, just moved to a new place, and just decided I want some new cards! I haven’t managed to find the Ninetales and Ampharos blisters anywhere, so if anyone can spare them I’d like to trade for them. I have a lot of cards, so if you have these and are looking for something in particular just ask!

Most of my cards are English and vary in condition. I also have random Japanese cards, Topps cards, and other things. This site seems to have so many varied interested I really have no idea what to offer. :zipper_mouth_face:

Where are you from? If you are in the uS, I have a Ninetales and Amphraos blister pack still intact for sale.

PM me if you are interested. If you need ref checks, let me know. If you feel more comfortable buying it on ebay, i’ll post it there and you can also check my ebay ref sales at my signature.

Also if you need the loose promo cards instead of the blister, I can do that as well.

I’d really prefer to trade for them if possible. I am in the US! Columbus, Ohio. I don’t mind getting the blister or the individual cards, but I figure it makes more sense to get just the cards as I want to trade for them.

I’m just missing a few englihs cards. I prefer cards in NM/Mint condition.

I’m looking for:

12/62 - 1st edition Holo Moltres Fossil
117/116 - Shiny Empoleon SR Plasma Freeze
121/116 - Shiny Max Potion SR Plasma Freeze
122/166 - Shiny Ultra Ball SR Plasma Freeze

and I’ll have my want list of plasma blast cards on the 16th when I opened up my boxes.

Do you have any japanese promos?

@elam18: I’ll check for the Moltres, or maybe wait until you open your boxes.

@anuunown: Probably not, but I can check. I have random Japanese cards.

Update: only fossil Moltres I have is unlimited and non-holo. All my Japanese/other language cards are in storage for another few weeks. I’m pretty sure I don’t have any promos though. I’ve never really collected Japanese cards.

Are you looking for the pre-evolutions of them too?

Did the blisters come with pre-evolutions? I thought they just had the promos.

If there are special versions of the pre-evolutions, then I guess I am looking for them as well! Otherwise, just looking for BW66 and BW67

Oh, nevermind. I was talking about different promos ahah

If you are still looking for them, I can do $15 shipped with paypal goods (I’ll pay the fees) and tracking to you. If not, I’ll be selling it to someone else.

What condition are they in? Could you provide pictures please? I’m waiting on an e-check to clear into my paypal account (by the 14th-16th), if they look good and you don’t mind waiting that long I can do that!

I just pulled them from the blister pack themselves today and put into plastic sleeves. The card should be in near mint/mint condition.

The only thing I saw is a minor flaw on the Ninetales on the left center from the little plastic that holds the card. But otherwords, it should be in near mint/mint condition.

And yes I can wait… PM me your paypal when you have the money so I can send you a detailed invoice.