Looking to start collecting aging

I’m lookin to start collecting aging . And don’t know where to start. And I need to know whats hot and whats not. I see when I search online that the sandstorm and the ruby sapphire is up there in value. So I also wanna know whats out know that is new that will be up there in price in the future. Thanks guys and gals

Youl need to ask yourself what is the reason you want to start a collection. Is it just for resale value? Personal satisfaction? Maybe a bit of both?

More for my self and to know that I have that value. Like I have two first addition Charizard. One is near mint the other is just bent from my kids playing wit it

I just love knowing that I have cards of value

But I just don’t know where to start and don’t know what to start buying that will have value down the line like the sandstorm and ruby

Your best bet is to research and buy expensive cards then. There’s no good indicator of what cards are cheap now but will be valuable later. If there were, everyone would buy them and then they wouldn’t be valuable in the long run because everyone interested has them.

If you invest in rare, valuable cards you’re likely to see it stay there or become increasingly scarce.


Promos and limited prints tend to hold value

Ok thanks a lot guys