Looking to Buy: Sealed 1ED Japanese Silver Deck Kit

Anyone have one of these? Really looking to pick one up. I will pay up to $35!

@soulwind is the only one I think that might?

Try messaging eBay user “rdtarr” and asking if he has any of these decks left.

He may or may not, but I picked one up from him and he is a pleasure to do business with.

@soulwind Thanks! I already offered him $36 on one of his decks, but it was auto-declined. Seeing as that is a very fair price and he didn’t even consider it, I was kinda annoyed.

His value on the deck must have changed drastically as I picked mine up for far less. :\

Still looking? If so, smgquest has the decks for $10. I know there’s a lot of negative feedback for him, but they are sealed at least :blush:

@pottsinator Sent him a message! Hopefully I’ll get one.

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