Looking to buy a PSA 10 FA bianca

Im not 100% what the price on this card would be or how many get graded or even 10. ALso may have a list of marill cards im looking for. Oh also im looking for a Prof. Hat

@milhouse have you managed to get and grade or sell any of these? Just thought you would be somewhat likely to have a concept of value on it, at the very least.

FA Trainers from B/W in PSA 10 are hard to value but I’d put them at anywhere between 50-100 dollars. That’s a pretty big price range, but stuff like Gehtsis/Colress/Cheren aren’t going to go for more than 50 or 60 dollars. However stuff like Skyla/Bianca/Juniper are going to possibly go for a bit higher, for obvious reasons.

I have sold a Ghetsis/Colress for 55 dollars each + a Juniper for 70.

This is off topic, but who is Bianca? Is she part of a newer pokemon show?

Back on topic:
Seems like ungraded Bianca FA is selling on eBay for like $12. Maybe if you could get one mint enough you could get it graded yourself. Or pay to get someone else to send and grade it like silversnorlax on YouTube for instance.

She was one of your ‘friends’ in the Black/White Games, and then in B/W2 she was the one who gave you your starter.

@timewaster1700 - Bianca was a friend and rival in the games and in the anime series. She always seemed to have “over powered” pokemon but when it came down to fighting, she wasn’t that great.

Ah gotcha ok cool. The only contact I have with the anime and the gameboy games is the old original era. Season 1 of the show and red, blue, and silver gameboy games. Thanks

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No worries! I found her quite… derpy… in the show.

Haha based in her hat I would believe it :grin: