Looking for vs packs/ anything vs related

I’m looking for any kind of lots with vs cards or packs for a good price, whether you guys have them or you have links to Yahoo Japan/ebay auctions, LMK

How much would you pay per card?

TheSMGQuest on Youtube has a Fighting/Psychic pack for sale for $40.

Ooh that is expensive for a pack O__O
I paid $10 for each of mine I think xD

@pokemontrader: well, it depends on the card.
@tolan: I’m trying to go a little lower than that, but I’ll send him a message and see what I can get, thanks.

Don’t like smgquest. He doesn’t know values of cards and just spews prices out his butt.

Yeah, that’s true. He considers all his stuff “super rare”.

sadly smgquest is starting to become more like other popular poketubers.his stuff aint super rare majority of what people here have makes his collection look like a happy meal.all his stuff are all sealed items that you can find with the patience

Not to mention “one day, these sample packs will be worth a ton.”

if it would be worth that much wouldnt it be discontinued in stores by now then :stuck_out_tongue:.his prices for cards are crazy and sadly people go and buy em off his ebay page.

Agree with you SDlugia :blush:

I did purchase some VS cards from him. However he was offering them at a reasonable price. 1 Holo, Trainers and Commons for $25
Looks like he opened a pack to find JUNK :stuck_out_tongue:
If I piece it out I can make at LEAST $15

I’ve got a mint Rocket’s Entei. Interested?