Looking for ungraded English Gold Stars!

Hi everyone! Against the wise counsel of @garyis2000, I’ve decided to try to collect a complete set of the English Gold Stars. I’m looking for ungraded NM copies.

I’m only just starting out, so I need to collect almost all of them. If you have any available that you’re willing to part with, drop me a message and I hope we can work something out! Thanks!

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You really shouldn’t have a lot of trouble collecting nm copies of these and they are fun to collect.
Good luck:)

Thank you. :blush: I know that the members here collectively have some of the best collections on the planet, so I thought I’d ask here first.

Are there many ungraded ones left out there that are worth purchasing? I feel like these are the type of cards where the mints have been scooped up and graded since they are popular in comparison.

I’m not looking to get them graded though. I actually just like them ungraded. Besides, these cards were printed in the thousands. I’m sure there are many NM/M ones left ungraded.