Looking for Tech Decks


Although I do not have or plan to start a great Tech Deck collection, I am looking for a few things.

I’d really like to get a nice skate park going, so if you have any ramps of park pieces, I’d be willing to buy them or trade Pokemon cards for them.

I’m also looking for decks, so if you have any, post pictures or info on them and I’ll let you know if I’m interested.

Thanks :blush:

funny, I had a similar idea some time ago :blush: they look very nice in a collection and are also so much fun to play :grin:
there are lots on ebay or amazon…the good thing is they dont cost much :blush:

please keep us updated :wink:

I have a couple for sale on ebay right now-


I know I am new here so I don’t think I am supposed to sell items. However, if you look at my ebay feedback you can see my standing as a seller there.

Oh daelum…wish I knew you wante dthis 3 weeks ago…at local goodwill saw tech deck boards, ramp, big skatebowl thing, tools, etc…could have gotten for less then $2…its gone now. Will keep my eye open though. Yes, its me, the only Binx345!.

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