Looking for shining Ho-oh and Lugia lottery promos

anyone know where I can find these? or have them for sale/trade? please let me know, thanks :grin:

Ok, I just found these on yahoo japan auctions, but I have no clue how to go about actually ordering them lol. Is there anyone who could help me?

you have to go use a middleman service to bid on them like shopping mall japan,japamart,rinyka or some other ones.they will charge you a commision fee if you win the auction

tyvm :grin:

The auction I found reached around $200ish i believe and I lost it =/, so I’m still on the hunt if anyone gets any information!

I’ve deleted all off-topic posts. Everyone please chill a little.

And damnit, I can’t find these cards anywhere! :thinking:

yea that was the 1st auction i have seen for the ho-oh lugia one.seen the rest a few times but wow the ending bid was crazy i knew those 2 would fetch about that much and maybe even more