Looking for PSA/BGS middle-man

Unsure of which section to post this in - but here’s the situation - I’m from the UK, where we don’t have a grading company…and I live and work in China. I was wondering who would be the most trustworthy person to send to in the USA, have my cards graded, and sent on to the UK.

I would pay for all the costs involved of course, and pay the guy who does it for me.

This is just tentative at this point, as I need to wait til I have a large amount of cards worth grading in bulk.

If anyone has any ideas of who to turn to for such a request, please let me know!

I’d be willing to do so. There are several other members on this site who would also be willing to do so as well. I believe that PSA accepts cards from the UK? I’m from the US so if that UK service is real like I think it is, then one of the UK-based members here would be a much better help to you.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. This forum has been excellent! Only joined a week ago but nice to have more experienced collectors helping me out. This is a tentative post as I’m waiting til I have enough cards to warrant grading them. It’s my Chinese charizards…and a few others. They seem to be mint condition to me…but not sure!