Looking for PSA 10's

New to the site. Have been collecting for a few years and have made the plunge in collecting PSA 10 cards.

Working on completing PSA 10 sets between Fossil to Power Keepers. I have all of the cards in PSA 9 but am upgrading

Have a lot of cards to trade (Both PSA 9 and PSA 10) or will purchase.


Hey mate welcome to the boards. A bit of a list of what you’re after and/or have for trade would help a lot.

You forgot to list what you have to trade?
Do you need all cards in PSA 10 from fossil through power keepers?
More info please.

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Needs and Trades.xlsx (83.99 KB)

Yes I should have included this earlier

I have attached a list of the PSA 10s that I have and the PSA 9s that I am looking to upgrade. I have approx 490 PSA 10`s in the collection. Looking at upgrading another 280 from PSA 9

Also in the attachment are cards that I have for trade - 85 PSA 10, 580 PSA 9 and 225 PSA 8

Open for any trades or purchases

Welcome to hell, my friend. :wink:

Hahaha. Nice to see you around, by the way!


Glad to be here. I have made several references to the forum in the past but never joined up.

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Welcome, Good to see another Canadian. Also have bought from you on Ebay a few times :blush: