Looking for Japanese Unlimited E series/readers. PSA 10 holo or Raw gem mint

hi everyone,

working on a psa 10 set!! i need about 20 more slabs but I do buy multiples because I love the artwork for some of them and if the price is fair.

The prices are hard to say since some vary… but I have an idea based on recent solds would love to chat in detail or if you can direct me to someone who is selling them for a fair price. I am aware of a few on eBay, but they are way overpriced based off the auctions I have seen.
Just an example based on comps, etc

ariados psa 10 holo unl is worth $150ish
Ampharos psa 10 holo unlimited is $200-250
Flareon Psa 10 holo unl $400-500
Psa 10 Gyarados holo Unl $700-800

Crystals of course vary… but any help would be appreciated. thank you

I am looking for these currently
Ampharos, Vileplume
Ariados, Azumarill, Jumpluff, Electrode, Arcanine, Umbreon, houndoom
Poliwrath, Flareon, Umbreon
Piloswine, Machamp, Articuno, Gengar, Gyarados, Houndoom


I have the unlimited piloswine in a psa 10. Let me know your offer. Thanks


just an update I have acquired japanese Unlimited Ariados holo psa 10!! one more off the list! I am open to buying more than 1 copy for some of these since I love the artwork… so even if you do not see it in the above pics but have one for sale let me know!

also msd pokepack and seeing if we can workout a deal : )

appreciate everyone, thanks!

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What up everyone! hope yall are enjoying the journey w/ me on this goal! just scratched off 3 more slabs! as always open to buying extras if price is right!!

posted the pics on recent purchases! flareon, umbreon and electrode!

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