Looking for Certain Super Mario Wii Cards

f3 Blue Toad (white name)
f12 Morton (white name)
f28 Blue Toad Riding Yoshi (white name)
f33 Propeller Toad & Luigi (foil name)
f35 Luigi (white name)
f36 Blue Toad (foil name)
f37 Yellow Toad (foil name)

f38 Magikoopa (white name?)
f38 Mario (white name?)
f39 Princess Peach (white name?)
f40 Yoshi (white name?)
f41 Bowser (white name?)

Not sure those last 5 exist since they were all special prints not in packs.

I also need most of Super Mario Galaxy that have a 2010 copyright date.

2010 copyright date. - let me check my collection and get back to you…

NOT 2008?

Nope. I have Galaxy complete with the 2008 copyright. 2010 had Galaxy Collection Boxes where the set was reprinted and the copyright date changed.

If you have any of those or any of the Super Mario Wii cards I need, please let me know.

Morton F12 - white name
Lakitu F17 - white name
Bowser JR
King Bill
Yoshi’s Egg
Penguin Suit

The ones not listed specifically are just commons

Like white name is the colour of the holo name

Like the picture in the attachment. The one that appears blueish is foil the other is a solid white

If your Morton has the white name, I would be interested in it. How many McD’s promos would you like for it?

I can check… give me a minute… if it does, would 2-3 sound reasonable?

Id like to say mine is white, but truthfully no idea…
It looks white to me? Like are blue noticeably blue?
This one is white, but at times, the holo looks like blue
In the dark it is white though

Oh. Then that’s holo. The white doesn’t have any shine to it at all. It’s just a dull flat white.

Jeez that picture is huge! Try this one instead and you can see what I mean.

Morton is like the left…
Morton and Lakitu are the holos everything else is white.

So then I have none! ;__;

Well I don’t think anyone else here collects these or they’re being really quiet about it:)

Seriously guys, I’ll trade decent for these so please pick them up if you see them!

so i’m guess you cant find the packs anymore or your just not bothering buying anymore

I can’t find them anywhere around me. Do you have any?

I have them around here too…

the nintendo world store should still have these packs for sale if you want i will see how much they are

That would be awesome! Could you see if they have any of the Galaxy cards with the 2010 copyright for sale as well, please? Thanks for your help!