Looking for: Blue Eyes Toon Dragon 1st Edition MRL

Hey guys,

Wondering if any of you have pulled a Blue Eyes Toon Dragon 1st ed from MRL as of late? Looking to purchase, or trade for one in pack fresh condition. Willing to buy, or trade for it.

Debated buying a booster box and fishing for one, but not sure if I want to risk it, as its not a guaranteed pull.

Would consider trading for a 10 as well if anyone has :blush:

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Good luck! Mint copies are becoming harder to find

Yeah I know, I feel as though maybe buying a booster box might be my best chance at getting one. PSA 10’s are rather on the expensive side


Just be aware that with boxes there is a chance you won’t get a secret rare :confused:

Yeah thats my main concern. Ive seen a few opened on youtube, and some got lucky, while others ended up with MST’s. Regardless tho, I saw a 10 sell for over 200USD in 1st edition. Seems like it might be a worthwhile buy. Even snatch steal would be awesome

That was prob the one I picked up :blush: it’s a beautiful card!

It’s probably easier to find a Blue Eyes Toon in mint condition than a MST considering the latter has probably been played to hell; think it remains a staple to this day :x

haha yeah that is very true! and it is a beautiful card indeed :blush: MRL is my favorite set from yugioh, closely ahead of MRD

I have a PSA 10 TBEWD. What do you have to trade?

Nice card to be after though. I love the original Pegasus’ toon cards. I recently downloaded all 240 yugioh episodes and i intend on watching them all over again :stuck_out_tongue: