Looking for an expert on the Base set

If anyone is interested in helping me research stuff for the catalogues. please let me know. You will of course be mentioned in the credits.

Looking for experts on the English cards, and in particular all the errors and variants of the set.



i can help with base set since i’ve done alot of time and searching for them the past few years.i know majority about the errors and stuff on it as well

Thanks for all the offers!

I’ll ask Shakespeare for the pictures as I’m assuming he has them all.

My main questions are as follows. Remember I’m trying to write an introduction to the catalogue so I want as much detail as possible!

  1. what are the shadowless cards, how can you tell whether a card is shadowless, when did the cards stop being shadowless?

  2. what were release dates for 1st edition and unlimited? (this should be an easy one but I am also interested in European dates)

  3. what were the main error cards? A good list of errors would be awesome

  4. what languages was base released in (again a fairly easy one)

  5. anything else about base I should write about? I plan to cover deck archetypes like haymaker but only for like a paragraph

Finally, thanks so much to shpunto for doing the background work for this catalogue already!

I’m also going to ask pokepop for permission to take stuff from his history article

1)shadowless cards are the original print run of the pokemon tcg more like a 1st run/test almost.shadowless cards are very easy to tell cause they are lighter than unlimted pokemon cards and the HP symbol on the cards were more thinner.another way for like the trainers and energies is looking at the bottom.shadowless cards will have this on it “1995,96,98,99 Nintendo Creatures GAMEFREAK@1999 wizards”.

2)not sure about the release date since 1st edition was released in the early early stages of pokemon and not many people were into it till later on

3)main error cards
bulbasaur instead of length width its length is repeated twice
caterpie has HP# instead of #HP
metapod same error as caterpie
kakuna length is repeated twice like bulbasaur
ninetails has the attack damaged removed
sandshrew’s attack suppose to say that attack does nothing but it reads “This attack does nothing”
voltorb’s description reads monster ball instead of pokeball
vulpix has HP# instead of #HP
diglett the energy cost for its 1st attack is 90 degrees reversed
pikachu has the red cheeks version and the yellow cheeks version originally its yellow

4)languages from the top of my head remembering

5)if anything i would talk about the theme decks as well since there are about 2-5 different runs about them.

No its not too much info, but I will probably summarise :wink:

I’ll see what Shakespeare has to say too

also letting you know Machamp never came in unlimited version it was always 1st edition since it only came in the starter deck.so its 1st ed machamp shadowless and 1st ed machamp unlimited.very strange how this card wasnt even in the booster

That was on purpose! WotC wanted to get people buying the starter deck!

I probably still have some of the WotC chats somewhere, it’d be interesting to talk a bit about how WotC developed a community

Cally, could you get Shakespeare to check his PMs? Thanks! :blush: :heart_eyes: