Looking for A4 artwork for sets

I’m now starting to file away my 10s of thousands of cards into binders after the community’s help with selecting a suitable binder/sleeve combination. I’m going to be organising these by sets and am hoping to have some amazing artwork to show in front of each set as a sort of “cover” divider.

I’m really not sure what the best way to go about this is, given that it’s too much work to create new art for each set, especially given how many sets there are, and so I’m happy using existing artwork and potentially edit each of them to have a common style for the name.

An example would be using the following image for the base set, and then the name would essentially be “BASE SET” slapped on in the middle (I say slapped on, but in some artistic fashion lol).

My question is, has anyone done anything similar before? Or does anyone think they would be able to take on a task like this (and I will happily move this thread to the Buy & Sell section to work out a deal!)?

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