Looking for a Pop Series 5 Espeon (updated)

I’ve had a few offers, and because of some financial strain, I can only go up to 60 unfortunately and some offers have hit that limit. I’m waiting for feed back, so please PM me if you’re one of those people.

Looking to spend no more than ~~75$~~Updating to 60$ on the card. I found one that was not in mint condition for 59.99 minimum bid and 69.99 buy it now (you can see visible dirt and the edge wear). I know on Professor Oak, a good one goes for 77, so I don’t want to get one so beat up and spend that much when I get get one in a little better shape.

PM me if you have one available.

I’ve got one in my eBay store for $69.99 if you’re interested. Thanks!


I have one in the same condition I’m pending for from Politoed, but thank you. I still haven’t gotten any further news but if it’s still there if the other backs out. I’ll let you know.