Looking for a corrected Kinebuchi “Ivy” Pikachu promo (JP CoroCoro) [Price Upped!]

  1. Glossy finish
  2. Japanese language
  3. Kinebuchi artist credit

If it doesn’t have all three of these features, it’s the wrong card. Very niche card that’s difficult to locate with not a lot of sales. The only sale price I know is Quuador’s.

Looking to pay around $1200, but if you have this card please let me know!

If you find one of these cards for sale somewhere else, I’ll kick you a $100 finders fee.


It’s definitely a tough one to find. R.I.P. Kinebuchi


I had been searching for this for quaador for like 2 years haha! Turns out he found his somewhere else, but I’ll keep looking for it for you instead :+1: I thought I had found one but the photo quality was crap and it turned out to just be Sugimori :pensive:


Thank you so much, I know you’re not in Japan for too much longer but if you find one please let me know!!

Edit: Unless you mean you’re looking for pfm… would you come into my thread just to say you’ll help someone else find one? :sob: You better find two!


I’m not looking for one.

But i would scoop it up for myself if i accidentally came across it >:]


Hahaha! I accientally hit reply to PFM, not the thread, my bad :sweat_smile: yeah I’ll keep looking for you :+1:


Keep in mind that the three features you mentioned (Glossy, Japanese, Kinebuchi illustrator) includes two different cards. One from the 2k copies lottery magazine, which I do have and you’re looking for. But one from an unknown release with shifted artwork as additional fourth feature (see right card in the picture below), which I’m still missing myself.

Anyway, if I somehow come across the Glossy Keiji Kinebuchi print I already have in my search for the other one, I’ll lyk.



Do we know for certain the “offset” version of the card was actually released? Last I read up we weren’t sure if it was actually real and thought it could have been some kind of test print or mock up lost to time.

Also if someone connects me with one of these cards, even if it’s not yours that you are selling, I will definitely pony up a finder’s fee!

Yeah, it’s likely a mock up print used for magazines or test print of some sort. Unless more info is dug up, I don’t think it was an officially released version. Regardless, I’m looking for one for my Pikachu collection. :wink:


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Naturally. :slight_smile:

Wish me luck tracking down one of these specimens. Really feels like the kind of thing that takes a team to locate. :sob:

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It seems I might have the shifted version, but unfortunately not for sale.

Different card. :slight_smile: This is the Japanese English-language “gray star” promo, one of the many variants of this card with this artwork.

Oh, sorry I didn’t even see it was the Japanese version :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:

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I’ve been scrolling through variants of this card for so long that I don’t even see cards anymore. It just looks like this.

Right language, wrong finish. Right finish, wrong artist. Right artist, wrong language. And it all repeats infinitely. More than once, I’ve been so worn down from disassociating over the details that I’ve made the same mistake you did and latched on to a listing with 2 of the 3 features and thought “is this finally it?” only for my brain to Defog a moment later and realize it’s just another desperate trick of a beleaguered imagination.

TLDR; happens all the time.


Unlike other niche Japanese variants, like the Japanese English-language Mewtwo, I have never gotten any better at identifying the cards from a quick glance at the photo. It takes a lot longer to disqualify a suspect. I have spent so many hours of my miserable life in search of this Pikachu. :neutral_face: I’ve reached the point where I just hope one of these days someone will say “oh I’ve got one of these” and I can end this.

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Messaging from work so I’m not sure if this is glossy I have 4 different type of this art but I’m unsure about this one, condition also doesn’t look great

I’d need to see the finish from a more slanted angle, glossy usually gives itself away at an angle.

My guess is that this is non-glossy but I wouldn’t throw out the possibility just yet. I’d love to see some more photos when you have the time.

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Sorry for the snail like reply, It is however non-glossy


Upped the price a bit. I want this card!