Looking for 2 Best Promos

I need a non winner Rocket’s Hitmonchan and Rockets Mewtwo. A box of each of these was stolen from worlds that year and they were the only printings of these cards in existence. Surely whoever has them has let somebody know about it by now or at least some have gotten out. I will ask no questions as to how you came by them as I really don’t care. I just want them for my collection. If you have the cards or can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

That said, feel free to offer here, by PM, by PM on the Gym, or email me personally at wayneeggert@yahoo.com. I can buy or trade.

I haven’t seen scans, but I have gotten some info. I’m fairly sure I know who stole them as they bragged to me (for some strange reason) about doing it, but at the time it didn’t hit home exactly what he was talking about. Now they have quit tournaments (as of almost 3 years ago) and I can’t locate them through Facebook or whatever.

In the Price Guide on the Gym (which can’t be accessed now) there was a reference to the 2 boxes being stolen at worlds and that was the reason no one had them, not that they didn’t exist. It was only after I read that and had a bit of time to reflect on the two statements that I put 2 and 2 together. By then they were already gone.

That family sold of all their cards when they stopped playing as they never collected, but I haven’t seen these hit the market. I was hoping that maybe someone else had.

Well lo and behold he now has a Facebook. I messaged him so hopefully I will hear back.

He still hasn’t responded to me. I will keep you posted as to when/if I hear back from him.

He finally got back with me. He confirmed that he does, or did, have them. He says they weren’t stolen but came from his mother’s League which isn’t as we all know even possible. Hopefully they are the right cards because I’ll be able to get them for a tattoo and won’t have to pay anything for them other than a bit of my time.

Here’s to hoping they are the correct cards! I should know within a week or so!

LOL! You are handling stolen goods mate!

Well I can’t say I want to stop you. I’m very very curious to see whether these are the real deal or not. Hopefully they are.

It’s really tricky when the only people who will see the value of these cards are hardcore collectors…

Ah. Didn’t know that. thought it was still exclusive, lol!

Yeah I was confused too, I re-read this and thought everyone was on the same page. Either way I didnt know they existed and would have no idea what their worth would be.