Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity

To seize a PSA 9 1st edition base set Alakazam you wanted in one moment, would you capture it for $420USD or just let it slip?

But really, I think I need a second opinion on this one. I’ve been offered one for $420. The market for these cards is so crazy now it’s hard to how much to spend. These are the only ones that have sold in the last 3 months on ebay:

August 9th, $350
August 27th, $405
Sept 10th, $400 (same card as above, I guess a non-payer won the auction).

My gut says yes, this is a very scarce card (among the hardest to find on ebay in this set in PSA 9 imo). But I have at my disposal a great group of experts so I thought I’d ask.

Also keep in mind I have to pay in Canadian, so its going to cost about 20% more. Canadian dollar is slowly gaining so I’ve been reluctant to make too many big purchases.

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I’m not going to answer, because ultimately it’s up to you. I will say often when I make purchases I think are a little out of the price range I want to pay, the only reason I pull the trigger is I think about what the price point will be next year.


Thanks! I’m not looking for someone to tell me what to do because you’re correct, it’s 100% up to me in the end. Just wanted some alternative perspectives. Maybe someone is offering a cheaper one somewhere or the population jumped 20% in the last week or something :blush:

But yeah, I find it hard to predict where this set will be in a year other than confidence that it will probably not decrease in value.


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IMO there is plenty of room for growth with high graded 1st ed Base. If you want it get it. If not just let it spaghetti…


This seems like a yes to me. It’s not like you’re paying $100 over the previous sale, it’s only $15-20. Plenty of room for that amount of growth soon.


My last post didn’t really offer any help, but I agree with Miracle Gro pirate.

When I’m buying a card that’s a few hundred dollars that is scarce, if I need it, I would gladly pay up to $50 more than the most recent highest sale (within reason).

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Thanks for everyone’s input. If you were curious, I did buy it.