Lizardon mega battle trophy card Victory Ring with shield??

Can someone kindly tell me what this card is worth with and without the promo shield???

Also how many of this card were given out to winners??

I believe I seen a thread on here that said 6 copies of the Lizardon mega battle one. And as far as price there is one on eBay.
It has been up for quite some time and has not sold. But price is going to very a lot because it has been reprinted several times just with different text for other tournaments.
I would say proabley around 500 to 1000 depending on how bad someone wants a copy.
Here is one from the rayquaza mega battle in its case for a really great price at the moment.

Woow!!! that’s a really good price. I wander if it would be a good investment as you mentioned its been reprinted with different texts for other tournaments. Its not exactly unique like the old school trophy cards…

I will eventually get one proabley in the next few months as I have made a couple large purchases and I am paying them off at the moment. When I’m done I will buy one as it has very nice artwork. I would buy it if I was u.

im considering making a bid on it. but i will have to think it through in terms of investment in the card.

i would only buy it if u want it for ur collection. Buying it as an investment is proabley not a very good idea as the amount of time it is most likely going to take for it to increase in value enough to make it worth the investment Is proabley quite a few years. And they are proabley going to print more in the next coming months/years.

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