List of Full Art Supporter cards?

Does anyone have a list of all Full Art Supporter cards? I’ve seen a lot of people collect them, but I can’t really find a list. On Bulbapedia I can find a list of Full Arts, as well as a List of Supporter cards, but how about a combination of both? If none available I will use both lists to create one myself, but it would be easier if a ready-to-go list is available somewhere.


Never mind… I can just used the linked Supporter list, and look at the rarity Ultra Rare. EDIT: In combination with the Yellow A Alternate Supporter cards here, which are Full Art Supporter promos.
Compiling a list now. :blush:


Quuador I mostly am replying to this old thread because nothing else on eFour really details this question, but also I have the Ultimate Answer I think.
You posted this in 2018 and the reddit post where I asked and someone directed me to a list that had your name on it somewhere is what I started with.
Now that list looks like this:

and I’ve filled out and kept it updated to the newest Jpn sets (Jpn only though, I don’t collect English at all)
I hope the other mods aren’t angry with me for bumping an old post after I just did bump another old post but I promise my link is really good for this!


I like seeing random old threads that I’d never see unless they got bumped I’m learning new stuff. Interesting to see your info on price changes on the thread that got closed. Stuff like this is gold dust. There’s probably a better place to stick it. I’m sure someone will know what to do with it.

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