List of All Pokemon TCG Cameos (English)

here is one I just noticed and i dont see it in the list

this card “GG21” has what looks like a Wurmple


TPC has been posting arts without the text and some of them reveal details I’d overlooked.

Not a Pokemon, but in the Mawile CSR with Bede, Opal is actually in the distance too lol.

Also, just in case it’s missed in the future:

This Charmander has a Glameow in the house. Only realized it from a Reddit post.


Bringing this back because thanks to @koala 's highlights of new full arts, I noticed a few sneaky cameos:

Pikachu cameo in Eiscue:

Fletchling on cup with Talonflame:

But the biggest surprise was 3 cameos in Revavroom with Glalie, Swablu, and Goomy:


Nessa cards that show her in her uniform have a wailord cameo due to her sponsor, Wailord Aquaculture, having its logo prominently featured on it.

Wailord Aquaculture Logo:

the cards where this can easily be seen are the Nessa Fullart (183/185) and Hyper rare (196/185) from Vivid Voltage:

on other Nessa cards the logo is partially covered or reduced to a faint green spot on the artwork. This includes Nessa (157/185) from Vivid Voltage, Nessa Fullart (TG27/TG30) from Lost Origin and Drednaw (039/185) from Vivid Voltage:


I would not have seen this without you pointing it out! Nice.

Looing at the corporations that sponsor trainers in Sword and Shield also offers up some more possible cameos. (only including one card per trainer here)

Leon for once is sponsored by a lot of companies:

His signature card includes at least the corviknight of Galar Taxi and then possibly a partial Hoothoot of the “Bookmark” company.


other cameos possibly include Arceus of the RKS Laboratories logo on the uniform worn by Klara (also featuring elements from dustox and skorupi)

Gordie is sponsored by Galar Minerals whose logo features a Copperajah:


Thanks for the additions!

Reminder that this is an English cameo list so please include English cards instead of Japanese :slightly_smiling_face:

are there any umbreon cameo’s? Anyone?

Off the top of my head:
All Night Party
Alakazam EX
Pokémon Center (Japanese only)

Check out the cameo section of my collection thread to see the set numbers

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oh yes ofcourse, the first two i know!
The other two i need to check out! I will take a look at your list! Gracias!

I forgot Oracle and the Dark Energy

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Yes, did you look at the original post? It has instructions on how to find your specific Pokemon :slight_smile:


aaah my apologies! I think i have scrolled past it too quickly. I will take a look, thank you!

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I support more food and clothe based cameos. I love these details, never noticed before!

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