"Light Shade" Team Rocket Holos

I was wondering if anyone has seen anything similar to what I am about to describe. A long time ago, I won a team Rocket booster box and opened it up. The commons and uncommons looked normal, however the holos had a very light shade or fading look to them. Below are some pictures to describe what I mean.

Inside the Spolier is a Normal Dark Charizard from Team Rocket

SPOILER: Click to show

Now here Is a picture of the "light shade"one

Here are both of them next to each other to compare, along with a couple more examples.

SPOILER: Click to show

As you can see the difference is noticeable, and even more so in person. My question is has anyone seen this form of error before? I obtained these from a WOTC tournament and subjected them to every fake test in existence, they are not fake. Are they worth any more than the regular holos? What do you think?