Lickitung Printing Error - Advice/Discussion

Hi Guys,

Was opening a load of random 1st edition jungle packs and pulled out a lickitung that has what looks like a printing error on the back. Theres a discontinuation in the blue border/ink smudge looking thing when you turn the card over.

Its probably not much but does anyone know of anything else like this happening and do you think it would be worth anything to anyone? I pulled two of these and im happy to put them on eBay if people think it would be worthwhile? The front of the card is normal as far as im aware.

Thank you as always!

Yeah, printing errors happen. That’s pretty much the extent of what can be said about it.

There are error collectors, but the singular instance, lack of uniformity errors like these fetch a very small premium. Most collectors consider them less valuable.

You’re welcome to try eBay. Best suggestion is to take the regular price of the card, double it, and then accept offers on it. That’ll probably give you the best idea of the demand and price for it in the current market.