Legendaryblu's Collection + PSA returns


I own A LOT of sealed product (WOTC until pre Black and White). will update with photos soon
here is basic list


1x shadowless pack art sealed base set booster box
1x legendary collection booster box
1x jungle booster box 1st
3 x fossil booster box
4 x base set 2 booster box
1x rocket booster box 1st
1 x gym heroes 1st ed
1x neo destiny unlimited booster box
15 x (3 overgrowth, 3 brushfire, 3 blackout, 3 zap, 3 2-player starter set) ALL Shadow less (I opened another 3 to confirm, were from same case)

1x1998 red green gift box
2 x base set booster box
1 x jungle booster box
3 x fossil booster box
1 x challenge from the darkness booster box
1 x crossing the ruins booster box
2 x awakening legends booster box
1 x gold silver to a new world… booster box
24 x packs of 1st edition mysterious mountains
3 x base expansion pack
5x mcdonalds pack (sunset mew)

EX sets:
1 x ex dragons booster box
2 x ex rocket returns booster box
25 x 2005 ex collectors carry tins
2 x unseen forces booster box
2x legend makers booster box
1 x fire red leaf green booster box
1x crystal guardians booster box
** from Noble victories up until guardians rising, I own 2x for each set**

I own A LOT of MINT cards (triple sleeved) in Topholders, my goal this year is to get them all over to PSA and have them graded. (Pokemon and Yugioh alike) will update with photos soon. I don’t submit more than 20 cards at once because I’m paranoid

Full sets and Singles
full base set shadowless set
80% base set 1st ed set
full base set jungle 1st ed set
2x full fossil 1st ed set
1 x rocket returns 1st ed set

A bunch of singles ranging from 1998 to 2017
here are just some notable ones
1998 gift box singles
3x masaki promo sets
mcdonalds promo sets
trainer magazine sealed set of 9

sealed Pokemon Center game boy color kanto starters edition
omega ruby new 3ds (hand stitched cover pokemon center)
alpha sapphire new 3ds (hand stitched cover pokemon center)

2 x Jump Festa Secret Blue Eyes
G3-11 Dark Magician Girl Secret
Ill add more here soon

Ill update with photos soon but thanks for checking this out

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My first batch of PSA returns


someone needs to teach me how to paste images in these posts.

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Wow! Nice collection there, without a doubt you have made a great investment with all that sealed.

In terms of posting a link, do you have an imgur account? Thats what I do it through, you can even link your facebook and make it easy to sign in. Upload pictures to your Imgur, and right to the right hand side select the “direct link” url.

Now back on the EFOUR page, when you are quoting or making a post, on the long bar of options look on the right hand side and find the “picture” icon, the one with the landscape. Click on that and post your link so its embedded in the page. You can then preview the page to see how it looks.

Multiple ways to do it, but this is just the way I do it.

Thank you! Ill try it soon