Legendary collection box opening stream 10/12/16 AEDT 15:00

Hey guys, Andrej here.

I made a thread about my sealed box of legendary collection a while ago, and since i’ve passed all my university assignments and am due to graduate, i decided to treat myself! I’m throwing a party to open the box with all my closest friends celebrating my journey through university. We’re gonna try to set up a stream some time between 3pm and 6 pm australian eastern daylight time (UTC +11) on saturday the 10th. That’s in 35 hours from now!

Thought my internet isn’t the best, i’m going to require the help of a good friend to host the stream on his twitch channel so we can try it out. Just in case it doesn’t go right, we’re gonna test it out with an opening of evolutions and hopefully follow up with the main event afterwards. In the worst case scenario, we might just have to record the box opening and i’ll just upload it to youtube soon after.

I’ve prepared some precise fit sleeves for holos alongside about 400 soft sleeves. Even ordered some ultra-pro semi-rigids just in case i wanna send them in to psa to get graded (when i have the cash lol). I hope you guys are as excited about this as i am!

Here’s the link to the stream in advanced: twitch.tv/nefairrius
Watch this space for the video to be uploaded too: [youtube.com/user/Psythe878




How do you plan on paying off your 5000 dollar loan that you got for this box?

33 bucks a week over 5 years ain’t too bad! currently working part time and it’s pretty chill living close to work with decent pay. but i’m starting to apply for full time jobs in my field of graphic design while doing freelance work to build my portfolio.

ah, what a year it’s been. i’ve spent so much money i didn’t have on pokemon-related items for this year’s 20th anniversary of the franchise. hopefully we’ll work enough in 2017 that we’ll be debt free by 2018! (not counting the student loans lmao)

I saw your post on /vp/. It’s gonna end up costing you around $7500, right?
I’m all for treating yourself when you achieve a milestone. I recently finished my bachelors degree myself, got home from my last exam and cracked box a had laying around. It was a good feeling. But $7500 is a lot of money to do that, and locking yourself into more debt for that long is something you’ve got to be okay with. The only thing you need to be aware of is that there is no chance you’re going to come out in front financially by opening/grading this box. That seemed to be the mindset you had in your 4chan thread, and I can tell you now it isn’t going to happen. You won’t end up with a house deposit by cracking this box like you were hoping for.


Lol, I graduated this year as well but I have to say my first thought wasn’t to take on more debt on top of my student loans. But good luck with the box!

Is there a link to this post I’m actually a bit curious now LOL



Pokemon on 4chan? Opening LC for profit?

This thread has everything.

The sad moment whe op pulls a charizard and friend spills beer on it. Haha kidding. All the best mate i hope you have a great time opening it and get some rad cards that end up being psa 10.

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Thanks for all the well wishes, guys! I might have been unclear about my motives however. So i owe you guys an explanation.

It all started at the beginning of the year with the 20th anniversary of pokemon being announced. I decided if i would ever spend ludicrous amounts of money on the franchise, this would be it. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but something reminded me of my old base set zapdos card i used to have. It got so torn up that the holofoil started peeling off. Even still, i ended up losing it after years of my parents throwing out my old toys.

And that’s when i knew i had to open a new one. I instantly jumped on ebay to find any sellers within australia, and the best i could get was one who was selling base set 2 packs for about 20 bucks each. I bought almost 20 of those and pulled 6 holos (chansey, clefable, wigglytuff, alakazam X2 and poliwrath). But no zapdos unfortunately. I rolled for my 1 in 3 chance and lost. But i was more determined than ever to pull a pack-fresh zapdos. Soon after, i caved in and bought a psa 10 unlimited base set zapdos from gem mint pokemon just to ease my cravings. And that’s when i started theory-crafting.

How much would i have to save to afford a whole box of base set unlimited? Could i borrow some money from a friend and pay him back? I asked my closest friends for advice and they all told me spending 4-figures on pokemon cards was the stupidest thing they ever heard. And this was just for base set unlimited! They didn’t even know about the rest of the collectibles. And so, as a result of rebellion against logic, i decided to go all in and find the most expensive box available on ebay. I took out the smallest loan from the bank i could get ($5000) and i bought the box of legendary collection.

Ultimately, i’m hoping to pull either a holo zapdos or a reverse holo zapdos. That’s the goal. And to preserve my cards eternally, i will send all shiny cards in to get graded so i can keep them as desk ornaments at home. Though it would be nice to pull some charizards, i’d like to be clear that my main motivation is nostalgia. Profit from selling graded cards is a bonus that’s admittedly an unrealistic daydream. If anything, it’s to convince everyone else that i’m not completely insane and spending money just on nostalgia.

It might be silly of me to say this right now but for all the tough times growing up, i had nothing much to look forward to. This carrot-on-a-stick at least gives me a goal to push towards and fills me with purpose. Life can get pretty depressing sometimes, but it’s up to us to make the most of it :blush:


Well hello!, I’m the guy you bought the base set 2 packs from :stuck_out_tongue:, I remember having a conversation over ebay about you wanting to pull a zapdos hehe

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$5000 to pull a Zapdos from a pack, crazy but I like it

Oh wow! What a small world! I guess my story has gone full circle then, eh? Here are the pulls i got from those packs, minus another alakazam.

Awesome, I always wondered if you pulled a Charizard, I’ve got about 15 packs left, maybe he’s inside waiting to be set free… hmmm

wanna know the best part? i only did it because i heard the “rumors” of a base set reprint were “debunked”.

i totally would’ve settled for an evolutions copy Q_Q

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Stream update (15:18): starting up stream and testing stability.

Stream is still offline completely :c

At the moment we ran into some technical issues. My friend forgot his capture card at home, and it’s pretty far away. So we’re just downloading the necessary software atm.

However to save you the hassle, it appears the stream won’t be in the best of quality. I was told with my internet the best resolution would be 480p. If you cbf watching this train wreck, I’ll try to upload a video soon XD

it frame skipped really bad, i saw a little bit at the end.

i got like maybe 1 frame out of 60 frames per second if i were to measure it like that. :confused:

VERY well put Andrej. This is what this hobby is all about. Actually, me being way older than all of you, I know that this is really what all of life is about.

You’re on a great path that will lead to many rewards:)