Kraken's Eeveelutions Binder Update

I was going to go for all of them, but I would basically need all copies out there since they are mostly all different

Yeah. The varying error marks for that card kinda sucks. You could get one that’s barely noticeable or one that’s like the Butterfree ‘d’

Right. Haven’t posted in like 6 months. Figured I’d give a small update with my recent cards while I put together the layout for my binder and then get around to moving all but 1 of the 900 cards… Didn’t take a picture of the Eevee error yet because it reminds me of having to redo the binders. Although I’ll hopefully do that over the weekend. And maybe by then I’ll learn to actually take pictures while the sun is still up

Up first, the PLAY series cards. For some reason I’ve been slacking (for once in my life I’m trying to be financially responsible) and ended up with more Spanish versions than English.

Up next, the Crown Zenith cards. With Sword and Shield era over, I’m hoping the Eeveelution overwhelm stops for a bit. I still need to get most of the Eevee Heroes cards in both languages.

Umbreon. Because Umbreon.

And lastly, cards that weren’t printed in the last year. Always nice.


Right. Spent the weekend doing the binder update. All of a sudden my weekend feels short and I’m wondering where it went. Oh well. Of the 915 cards, I had to shift all but the 1st 4 cards, so that was a journey to be sure. I also figured I should take the photos under natural sunlight instead of just my ceiling fan light. Turns out pictures look better in actual light. Big surprise. Don’t think I’ve done that since my initial pictures to start this thread. Anyway, off the the pictures.

I’ll start with some custom cards. Need to thank eeveeteam for the Gameboy ones. Always wished we actually got these.

Now onto the slideshows. Hopefully it works. Slideshows doesn’t always seem to work for me.
WOTC Era: Mad I haven’t managed to get a “complete page”. Need to do that. Putting it all together really makes me want to focus on that. But the fan club Eevee…

Childhood Era: Yes I prefer the E-series era. Yes, most of my childhood was based around gen 3. I only got a gameboy just before Ruby/Sapphire came out so my exposure to gen 2 was watching a friend play Crystal.

Away Era: I just consider this the time when I stepped away from Pokemon for a bit. I did play Emerald every once in a while, but otherwise, nothing really. The new games weren’t my kind of thing, and I hadn’t realized nostalgia for old games would hit so hard yet.

Modern Era: I’d already gotten back into the games, mainly with Mystery Dungeon again, but I slowly built up cards for a bit as a side thing. Unfortunately for my wallet, I ended up getting serious about it. Realized while doing this that I never picked up a normal Leafeon V from Evolving Skies. Whoops.


your binders are so much to take in man.
impressive as hell.

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Right. Figured it’s been a while since I’ve posted any update. And now that my Japanese cards have come in after months of ordering enough cards to make the shipping worth it, I’ve got enough for an update.

First up, a mix of everything really. Vintage Japanese, more Eevee Heroes because I hate my wallet, unlimited Reviving Legends, reverse holo Simplified Chinese, and a Cha Time Eevee. Nice variety.

Now the recent stuff. Yu Nagaba, the normal versions from 151. Not the best artworks ever, but honestly it’s pretty nice and memorable.

Some VSTAR Universe, Penny, and the oddly expensive Eevee promos. Gotta say, it is nice breaking up the Pokémon cards with the trainers/support cards. They really end up standing out since they’re scattered throughout the binder.

And now, the cards I forgot I even had until I was adding the other cards to my binder, and was losing my mind about why I had so many cards marked as obtained when I obviously didn’t hand them. 1 medium length search later, I found them and remembered saying these were in a spot I’d remember when I got to the binder…


yay, i love seeing your updates, so much more exciting than mine

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Maybe one day I’ll learn how to take pictures so that the updates are better. Would probably help if I stopped waiting until 10pm to do pictures all the time.

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Well time for the update. Haven’t picked up too much since last time since I took a trip to Germany (where I managed to pick up a card I’ve been looking for a while) and for the first time in a while it’s not cards that’s making my bank account cry. Also, despite the hundreds of photos I took in Germany, I apparently have not learned how to take photos yet, so here comes my patented crappy photo style. I should learn to take these when the sun’s still up…

Anyway. To start with the Eevees. A McDonalds card and the Jakarta promo.

Next up, the Eevee Battle Academy deck. I had originally planned on just the Eevee, but I guess the Eevee stamp is a “cameo”? So I guess I gotta add a copy of every card in there to the binder and update the spreadsheet. Might have to do the same with that Sylveon half deck. Hmmm… Not decided on how to deal with the stamps.

Up next, the Japanese cards. Obviously gotta keep up with modern, but always happy to pick up unlimiteds.

Now the big ones. A Staff Regional Leafeon. Happy to finally have one of the non-US tournament cards.

And finally, a Spanish Umbreon ex. It’s really beat up, but the ones in Spanish almost never pop up. Or if they do, they go for way more than what I consider them to be worth. Managed to find this while I was in Germany, and now I can finally call my Spanish Umbreon ex hunt over. Really happy with this one.


Couple of things, congrats on that maccas eevee, im assuming you got that in europe? As it was an arse for me to locate.
And an even bigger congrats on the staff leafeon. Did you get that in europe also? Or did you pick up one of the few that have popped up recently on fleabay?


Mac as was from @eeveeteam, who at this point is probably my single biggest source of cards.

The Leafeon staff was from an eBay listing. My only Europe find was the Umbreon.


That maccas eevee was arse to find for me.
I ended up buying from london when i got mine.


Oh really? I actually hadn’t bothered to search for one yet so I had no idea how hard they are to find.

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the 2016 maccas set is eu exclusive :slight_smile:

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It’s a pain to find over here in Europe too! A few years back it was a lot easier, so much so I waited to get it later as I was focused on other stuff. Then they suddenly disappeared and I’ve not got round to it yet.

Not looked into how cheap it is to post stuff from here to the US, but if there is European exclusives that are of interest I can try and help (in Norway, but have family in the UK).


Shame it got so hard to pick up. That’s always my fear. That a card I’m holding off on will just shoot up in price. So hard finding the balance between FOMO and actually missing out on a deal.

Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that. Maybe for those random European exclusives that are just weird to find over here.

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Hmm, that rotten obsidian flames umbreon promo comes to mind haha


Where’s your most recent update :kissing_heart:

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Funny. I was intending to update this weekend, but my middleman in Japan forgot to send 2 of my cards. So now I’m waiting for those to come in before I update.


Haha, once my next order comes in i will be also

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