Korean 1st Edition Base Set Packs

Came across some of these on GMarket, a Korean type of eBay. Was wondering if it would be a good idea to buy some or to stay away in case they would be fake. They’re fairly cheap, around $3 a pack, but it gives off this feeling that they might be fake due to how cheap they are.

That article is kind of confusing because it says as well that, “The Pokémon Trading Card Game was officially released in South Korea, printing cards until EX Power Keepers.” So somehow the Base set was released there even with that ban.

EDIT: Found a video on YouTube of someone opening Korean Base set boosters.

As you can see, on the bottom of the cards, they have a copyright date of 1999-2000 for Wizards, so it looks like once the ban was removed Wizards started printing cards for South Korea.

I understand. I contacted Wizards to see if they could give me any more information. I doubt they’ll give me anything, but it’s worth trying.

I am more stoked on his first pull than he is, super energy removal is one of the best cards from that set!