Kinda random but I need some help w/ Magic The Gathering

Here’s the thing, I live in El Salvador and the ONLY store that sells authorized MTG stuff has filled up all pre-orders for what is called “From the Vault: Twenty” which is basically a twentieth anniversary set of 20 cards and I would love to have one, these will be released August 23, 2013 and have a MSRP of $34.99 (they had it here for $50).

Anyone here a card shop owner that sells MTG that would allow me to pre-order with them or know of anyone who is, or perhaps you visit one often? If so please let me know. :blush:

Thank you!

you can order from troll and toll or collectorscache

They’re not available for pre-order there. I have sent emails, all I’ve gotten was:

“singles will be available for purchase” or “due to the limited edition of this bla bla bla only in-store bla bla”. It sucks. :slightly_frowning_face: