The rebranding of Duel Masters is working out really well. I have high hopes for it. I’ve been collecting it since the information about it coming out was made public and I’ve managed well thus far. I have Dojo 100% complete in gem mint condition, 65% of the way through Rise of the Duel Masters, 95% of the way through Evo Fury, and am only missing one promotional card. And only because I demand it be sealed.

On a side note, this is also my first time entirely documenting a collection. I have an excel sheet that literally manages every single card I possess. I absolutely love the system. Well worth my time I’m putting into it.

Has anyone else taken any sort of interest in Kaijudo? Heard of it? Played Duel Masters? Haha.

Hahaha I didn’t mean to bring up an old topic, but I attended the mall tour when it first came out in 2004!! After reading this I dug through my closet and found a whole bunch of the original duel masters cards. I got a log of swag from them including binders, refrigerator magnets from their monthly mail club thing and so fourth.

Anyway, I though you might find these interesting. While I was their I had one of the illustrators sign a few of my cards. Only one of which he actually illustrated (Dimension gate…on the left) :stuck_out_tongue: I got fire sweeper for attending the mall tour and stampeding longhorn from winning the first ever tournament hence the T1-Y1. I believe they held them a couple times a day on all of their stops during the tour. How many stops they made (or where) has escaped me. Its not particularly rare or valuable to the best of my knowledge, but those were some good times :blush:

Those are very cool! I’m more and more into this Kaijudo game. I’ve maintained a compete collection so far, with tons and tons of extra cards. It’s a lot cheaper than Pokemon, which I like a lot as I have less and less disposable income as I have to purchase a car soon.

Let me know if you decide to give Kaijudo a shot. I’ll send you some cards to start you out.