Just wanted to introduce myself

First of all wanted to say what a great website/resource this is for collectors. My name is Kaleb and I am really just learning about collecting older Pokemon cards. I am 21 and started playing a few years ago after a 5-6 year break. I played when i was younger but when your in grade school you just care about what card looks the coolest :stuck_out_tongue:. But, I am looking to get into the collecting side of Pokemon cards, mainly older promo’s and trophy cards. I hope to make many connections/friends here.

P.S. If anyone is looking to sell older promo’s/trophy’s feel free to PM me :grin:

LOL welcome :blush:

OMG, I just realised I still have a couple Masaki promos I have duplicates of… you interested? If so, I’ll PM details

Welcome Kaleb! If you are looking for old promos/trophy cards I am the guy for that :blush:

I hope you enjoy the site! There are a lot of knowledgeable and passionate collectors on here.