Just Shoot Me Now

I’m going to quit driving or driving in cars starting today. After all, nearly 40,000 people have died here in the last year due to wrecks.

By the same token, I’m not leaving the house because of China’s or the Wuhan coronavirus.

Come to think of it, 30,000 people died in home accidents in 2017.

Oh heck…just shoot me now.

Credit below to my boy DBruze (Darien)


Fine. I’m looking forward to ToyCon tomorrow;)

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Gary, you don’t have to stop living your life. But at the same time, I really hope you’re not buying into [ Our honorable president ]'s propaganda about this virus being a hoax that’s blown out of proportion by the liberal media to take down Our honorable president. While the risk to young people without underlying immune system or respiratory issues is low, the risk to older people and those with immune system or respiratory issues is actually significant.



According to infectious disease experts, there’s a possibility that this could kill well over 1 million Americans in the next 12-18 months


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