June 7th - June 14th - Magmortar LV. X - Mysterious Treasure

Card of the week - June 7th - June 14th, 2015****Magmortar LV. X - Mysterious Treasures

Personally have never been a fan of most DPPT era cards, but I thought it was fair to have a LV. X card featured in COTW. What are your opinions on LV. X as a Mechanic/Card Type and which is your favourite?

I actually don’t mind it as a mechanic. It adds variety to playing.

Artwork on the Magmortar is great!

Japanese lv.x have a sick holo layer on top of the card. Especially gengar is amazing. But my fav has to be:

Dialga lv x from great encounters!

I really enjoy Magmortar Lv. X for sentimental reasons. He was the second legit Lv. X card I pulled as a kid. The first being Empoleon. I recall going to the grocery store, and they had a bunch of Pokemon cards. We brought them to the front, and they didn’t know the price… So the lady said… You can have them for $3 each. So I picked up all 20 blister packs at $3 each and went to town! (This was the blisters with Cranidos or Shieldon). Good times :blush:

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I love Magmortar LV. X because the look of the card is beautiful and one of my favorite pokemon. I also my favorite has to be the LV. X darkrai from great encounters, the artwork is great an also i think it shows off darkrai really well!

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