June 18th - June 24th - Giratina EX Full Art - Bandit Ring

Card of the week June 18th - June 24th, 2014****Giratina EX Full Art - Bandit Ring

Have to have something from the new set Bandit Ring, and the set has certainly shown us some gorgeous cards. This weeks COTW was a toss up between this Giratina, the Hoopa FA and the Gyarados Ancient Trait Card. Since the Giratina has the best quality photo circulating it gets the nod for this week.

What are your favourite cards from the new Bandit Ring set?

Hmm, lots of choices to pick.

First of all I’m most happy to see Ampharos EX FA, been hoping it even before XY6 set list was revealed. Lugia EX FA, shiny M Ray EX and M Sceptile EX FA have also caught my attention. Considering all good stuff even uncommons/commons have = 11/10 set.

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M-Ampharos EX FA - I really like this card. I am actually regretting not being able to get the boxes for this card alone D:

This one looks like batman

Favorites? FA Hoopa, FA M Sceptile, AT Gyarados and Vespiquen, with an honorable mention to literally every card in this set. I mean the artwork is just amazing on all the FAs, AT cards, and holos.

Except Regice and Regirock. Those look like they were drawn by a three year old who doesn’t know what a Pokemon is.

Just pulled this! Was hoping for one of the gold cards though.