Jopo's slime army SPARKLE MUK ACQUIRED!

Well i sure took my time before finally doing this. Tbh it hasn’t been an easy year collecting, besides the huge price increases i haven’t been able to work for several months due to long covid i got from my workplace and getting a kid this spring also made me prioritize how much and where i want to put my money. But nevertheless i’m very happy about what i’ve gotten and even more happy that i started collecting again already several years ago instead of now, i could only dream of most of the stuff i’ve gotten if i hadn’t gotten them then (also can’t thank enough my mom for getting me all the packs when i was a kid). But anyway i’m planning to post here the main parts of my collection. I’ll concentrate on updates about what the title says but i’ll include also my other projects/collections at some point.

So about slime.

I’ve always liked grimer and muk but i’ve also felt they never seemed to get the love they deserved from others. I’ve always had heart for mistreated and pariah so they soon grew my favourite pokemon above all the others. I first decided that i want to get all the english tcg cards of them but that soon started to grow from 1st edition japanese tcg to all non tcg cards and stickers too and now i’m in the process of getting a master set of japanese tcg but also starting slowly to get figures and other merc of them or stuff that include them in their art too. So yeah, kinda all in with them now, for tcg though i’ve limited the cards i want for only english and japanese since i want to maintain the remains of my sanity. Even though i know i’ve jumped into endless train i regret nothing since few things beat the feeling of going through the variety of things made of them and getting new pieces to make the collection bit by bit more encompassing. I just surpassed 400 unique grimer or muk items and from my original goal of all different english tcg cards i’m only missing 2 cards. I haven’t gotten my hands around 3rd print fossil muk which is one of my main hunts atm, the other card missing is test print cosmos holofoil fossil muk but since that’s out of my league with it’s price i think i’ll decide my master set is completed if i get the 3rd print one and settle for only the official releases. For japanese tcg i still have a long long way, mainly because of unlimited reverse holos and all the code variants (without these i probably would have gone for straight japanese master set too from the beginning) and for non tcg it will be a life long journey since it’s impossible to track down all the releases and acquire them. For example i know several mexican exclusive releases of grimer and muk but basically nothing seems to be leaking outside latin america borders with pokemon. I’m a binder collector so you’ll see very little slabs here. I have few going in psa when they reopen but we’ll see how long it’ll take for them to return.

I’ll include photos of most of the stuff i have now. Some stuff i have in middleman services and i won’t get them in my hands anytime soon and japanese unlimited tcg i don’t want to put in my binder yet since it’s so incomplete so i’ll exclude them for now. I apologize for low photo quality, the lack of scanner or proper camera + shaky hands from covid make it a bit difficult (for me the photos on imgur look better on mobile vs on computer, not sure if that’s just my computer or what), but i hope you get something out of them! I feel it’s kinda unique collection after all :blush:

I haven’t left a spot for 3rd print muk. I have no idea when (or if) i’ll get it and the empty spot would look so depressing here. I probably won’t leave empty spots for japanese missing ones too and i’ll just rearrange the binder when i get more of those at the point i decide to add the already acquired ones there.

I should be getting japanese reverse holo for the legendary treasures dewott in mail which is the last unique japanese card outside unlimited versions and code variants i needed. I actually discovered its existence only recently and i fear getting the unlimited version for it is going to be pain.

The missing card here is in my comc mailbox, no idea when i’ll be getting it tho.

Venonat is the toughest muk cameo there is, but he still is there so it had to be included here :blush:

The error cards i currently have are here (OC, holo bleed and half-square cut) but two more are being held in my comc mailbox. Error cards add the unique feeling of my collection so hoping to get them more in future. Also below them the only custom cards in my collection, i wanted to support a custom card maker on IG so ordered these. Since there aren’t any shiny grimer cards this was the only way of getting one. Planning to get a shiny muk custom card too some day + a custom card for grimer line baby pokemon betobebi that got cut from final versions.

These cards are even more precious for me than tcg since they are what started my pokemon collecting as a kid. The missing tekno chrome i should be getting in mail soonish. I consider it as my grail for all grimer cards, i may like sparkle chrome more when thinking the looks but the iconic status of tekno chromes within topps cards imo gives the grail status for the incoming tekno variant!

The tekno chrome i have being held but i’ve also left a spot for for sparkle one that i’m missing. Besides 3rd print fossil muk it’s my main hunt for this collection. I just love the idea of having all the topps variants side by side so really hoping i can finish the set some day.

These topsun vs cards are among the prettiest there is for grimer or muk. Still missing some logo variants but i hope i can find them at some point.

Playing cards i’ve really grown into! The missing slot should be arriving in mail soonish and i also have some back variants being held in my comc mailbox. That scratch muk seen here is already scratched but an unscratched one should be arriving in mail soonish!

Topsun grimer sticker matching that muk in bottom left corner is also one of the items i’m most eager to find, i hate that kind of incomplete mini sets.

Amada stickers are also some of the nicest items in pokemon field imo. I’m not sure how many i’m missing but two i know for certain, also at the very top of items i would like to get the most.

I’m not sure if that muk is an official product but i like the looks of it very much so i’ve included it here anyway. I don’t accept clear counterfeits as part of my collection but some of these uncertain ones i’ve obtained if they look nice enough and could very well be official but just very little known.

Ga-ole cards are some of the most obscure pokemon items i know, not because of their looks but how you obtain them. I know i’m missing few pokeball variants but since you have to physically catch the pokemon in arcade game with that exact ball in japan to get the card i can’t be sure if any of them even exist for real.

Sealed products i have of grimer and muk or ones that feature their art. Not many seem to exist but i’m happy about what i’ve managed to get.

Some bigger items in folloging photos. Some of the have to share a toploader since my protector situation isn’t good at all atm.

That vending sheet is already peeled so looking for one unpeeled in the future. Bandai jumbo featuring loads of grimers and muk i’d also like to get a second copy some day since i know some of the mini cards that can be peeled out of it feature grimer or muk and i would like to add the in my collection too as separate ones.

And that’s it for now, i’ll update in the future the items i’ve gotten at some phase but not sure how regularly. I also have an instagram that will be updated a bit more frequently if someone is interested. Also, if anyone has a grimer or muk item they notice i’m missing i’m always open to discuss about purchasing additional ones!


That’s commitment brother/sister!

You can study new sets visual spoilers to see if any Grimers snuck into the corner of another cards art!

Amazing work though and a happy ending despite set backs.


Here also the photos look a lot better on mobile for me, can someone confirm do they look acceptable for others?



REALLY impressive. You even got most of the non-TCG ones, dedication right there! :clap:


Wow this is an incredible collection. You’ve done a great job showing your love for Grimer and Muk

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Absolutely fantastic, man! I was wondering when you were going to make a collection post! In LOVE with your binder especially - seeing your TCG & Non-TCG reminds me of my old setup so I get a lot of nostalgia vibes. Such a great duo to represent. As for the Mexican exclusive stuff, I’ll keep an eye out - Gyarados gets a lot of love there so I follow some of the hashtags from there and will let you know if I come across anything. Do you have pictures of what to look out for?


Very nice collection! Since I recently started adding non-TCG cards/stickers to my Seviper collection, I also appreciate non-TCG stuff more than a few years ago when I was exclusively collecting TCG cards. Very nice how many Grimer/Muk items you’ve already acquired. Being a gen 1 Pokémon certainly helps in its quantity in that regard, despite being rather unpopular Pokémon in general.

And good luck in your hunt for the final two Fossil Muk TCG cards. If I somehow come across a ©1999-2000 Muk, I’ll let you know.

And I don’t see any item I know of you’re missing. Battle-e cards and TFG figures don’t feature Grimer/Muk from what I could find; Topps cards do have four different colored logos for the first series, but not for the second or Chrome that contains the Muk/Grimer cards (I think, not entirely sure); all type of stickers/non-TCG cards I own in my Seviper collection you seem to already have for Grimer/Muk.
I will check some pog binders I planned on selling in the future later today after work, to check if those contains Grimer/Muk pogs (or flippos as we call them in Dutch). Although it’s possible that if they indeed contain Grimer/Muk pogs, you already have them. :wink: I’ll keep you posted in a few hours from now.



Thank you for kind words, they mean a lot especially from a collector who i know has gone to the moon searching bits for his own collection :blush: also thank you for the offered help, i’ll ask if i can share some photos from a mexican collector for you and message you on IG about them!

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There definitely is a lot of items for all gen 1 pokemon which sure helps to widen the collection, sadly there anyway is a lot of old school sets that excluded grimer and muk among with some of the other not that popular ones. But i really can’t complain for real since the amount of items in any case is huge, and to top it off gen 7 gave them alolan forms which increased the merch amount with modern products too.

Also thank you for the help besides kind words, your eagerness to help others always brings a smile on my face :blush: topps cards i’ve dug quite deep since they are my favourite pokemon product so i’m certain i’m only missing the sparkle muk, other than that there’s very little sets or subsets i can be sure i’ve completed them. Blue lamin cards being the latest example since i thought i finished the language variants but still some new ones popped up on ebay. But looking forward to hearing from you, thank you already in advance!

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This was such a nice post to look at! Glad I finally saw your whole collection, can’t wait to see the Meiji 3D card I sent you in there :grin:

The only non-tcg ones I can think of that would go perfect with your collection are the Topsun ADV Vs variants. There may or may not be a 3D variant of every card. Still not sure yet.

And there may also be some back variants as well. Only just found out about these back variants after noticing them in a listing. I checked the hundreds of duplicates I have and only found one with the different back so they seem to be pretty rare to find. The ones with the image on the right are the more commonly found from what I’ve noticed in listings.

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Ah, nice to see you here too! :blush: the meiji card hasn’t arrived quite yet but i hope it’ll be soon, but you may have to wait quite some time since it’ll go in my comc mailbox and i have no idea when i’ll be emptying it :E

I’ve never seen grimer or muk in those 3d cards but that really doesn’t mean anything since i rarely see even the regular ones, but i have to keep an eye for those different back variants, sure didn’t know there could be them with thise cards! (And i sure hope one doesn’t pop up now, i paniced and closed my credit card when i thought it was stolen only to find it moments later and it takes a week for new one to arrive, damn daddy brain)

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I love the hands-up poses on the meiji juice coins, those are awesome. Excellent collection

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Serious dedication leads to serious collections - I’m normally not a fan of single mon collections, but this is just impressive. Props, man, this is an amazing collection, can’t imagine how long it took to pull together.

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Absolutely love it dude–so happy to see a collection of them, incredible mon’s! why does no one ever talk about muk or grimer? And no, I don’t mean you Tobi. We always talk about you!

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Could this be the only muk collector in the world?

Edit: Mad respect and very impressive collection


I actually know few others on IG but none of them is as dedicated as i am :blush: so yeah, probably not many of them but i am definitely not the only one :grin:

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Update of few things that have arrived in slime army since my original post, also a big one!

The blue lamin cards i thought i had all but now i’m not sure about anything anymore, which is a nature of collecting i guess. Scratch muk i had as a scratched version already but now found an unscratched one, happy to have both in my collection since they represent so obscure playing mechanics of early pokemon times! That grimer quest card i would probably have passed as a custom made one unless @taran_wanderer didn’t point out it exists and is an official product :blush: Also with the grimer playing card i have now both lugia and ho-oh backs for both grimer and muk but i also have one very similar grimer with kyogre back so can’t really say how much different variants of these playing cards exist.

And then the big one, my holy grail of all grimer cards! It’s the most expensive grimer i’ve ever bought and almost 100% will also hold that status until the end of times. I sometimes get lost in people’s recent purchases or collection threads since the prices of cards nowdays are just mindblowing for me, every time i pay over 100$ for a card it has to be a big one and i only have bought handful of such cards. But this definitely was a big one. I still think i like sparkle chrome version artwise more but tekno chromes have so big cult reputation that it definitely is a grail for me.

Wanted to also share the page with all the different variants since i can’t stop staring it. I already mentioned it in original post but topps cards have the biggest sentimental value for me and to own all different versions for one of my two favourites feels amazing. I have so high hopes that i can some day add that missing sparkle muk to complete also that mini set :blush:


Love the dedication and commitment to these slimey fellows. I’ve been learning more and more about Ga-ole since we last spoke, impressive collection


Since i have very few new arrivals or cards in mail atm for my slime army i thought i’d show now some parts of my other collections. Here is my first big project when i started collecting again as an adult, my completed WOTC-binders. For obvious reasons i’m not showing all the cards in them but in the photo there is opening page from all six binders!

As you can see i like to sort my cards in pokedex order when i have even the smallest reason for it :blush: There’s a lot of cards from my childhood as a foundation so i owe big thanks for my mother for all the cards she brought for me every time she visited the town :blush: especially since owning these has recently felt really unrealistic when the card prices have started to raise dramatically. I don’t have a reverse holo for all the cards so it’s not master set but otherwise it has all the cards from base set to skyridge + all the promos including jumbo cards from that era. The card quality varies a bit and there’s still few cards i’d like to upgrade at some point but nevertheless i’m very proud of what i’ve managed to gather. I’ve decided to limit it to official releases only so there’s no common error cards or for example sample set cards, although i did recently want to add sample set since i liked the history of it but that really isn’t realistic anymore. (I did however include E3 Pichu and Hoppip with japanese backs even though they technically aren’t wotc-cards but i consider them kinda extra cards in this collection)

If you don’t count some variants for legendary collection theme deck non holos or best of game stamp variants Skyridge Gengar was the last unique card i obtained for the collection so it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Also, recently i’ve learnt that there’s best of game jumbo cards have different kinds of variants but since this isn’t a master set in the beginning i’m still willing to call the collection completed without feeling bad about it :blush: i am however slowly upgrading legendary collection cards into reverse holos due to their iconic status. That has been a side project already for few years (which i wish i would have finished a lot earlier since it’s a lot more pricy nowdays) but luckily i’m not terribly far away from completing them too even though they have been on a hiatus for some time now.

I’m hoping i’m able to add more updates to slime army soon but my insurance company still is messing with my salaries from the time i was on sick leave from covid, but until i get that solved i’ll update this thread with these older projects!