Jopo's slime army, E4 is awesome

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this from start to finish and appreciating your collection. I loved seeing it change over time. As a fellow Muk appreciator, your collection blows my mind.


Thank you for kind words for both of you! @citriina yeah i’m finally quite happy how i’ve managed to arrange and display my slime army, i’m glad it pleases the eyes of someone else too :slight_smile: and i’m sure the play muk will eventually arrive, just the regular waiting time of european collector :smile: @D3F14NC3 nice to see someone else appreciate slime, you have some excellent choices as pokemon sprites too i see :grin:


**laughs in brendan

What a marvel. What a joy. Comprehensive, elegant, orderly, sophisticated… slimy yet satisfying. They really are eye exploding pages to look out dear Jopo. The purple green combo really packs a gnarly punch. And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it like the broken record I am. The boys have been gifted with high art through and through with scarcely any mediocrity. One of those (sets of) mon’s that has gotten special care throughout the ages.

Hell I can even appreciate the rainbow weirdness just 'cause it’s you and you have that power.

It’s the second time I’ve seen your “frand” art (friend fan art), but that muk is profound. What art! Number one slime collector in the universes. Represent! Thanks for sharing amigo, it is appreciated always.

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Another amazing post–the slime boys should be proud to be enshrined in such a collection! I certainly looked through all the pictures :slightly_smiling_face: Looking through all your non-TCG stuff is especially fun because it gives me ideas of what may be out there for my species!

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Love the non-tcg collection!!! Some real underrated gems like the bandai snacks seals you got in photo #36!!! Also, I have a question, I noticed you have 2 of each 2000 dunkin/boomer cards but they look the same, are they different in the back?? Thanks for sharing!!

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@brendantheclayboy talk about characteristic responses in ones collection thread :smile: i love it that i can count on your posts being the wild rides they are every time i see your post on my thread. And you are right, i can easily get caught in idea that my guys have been skipped in so many sets or releases but the fact is there is anyway so much art, products and releases where i got really spoiled with the quality of slime that i have nothing to complain.

@bbobrob my boys puffing up their chests, and always fun to hear another species collector taking notes, can be a lot of differences between gen 1 and gen 3 merch but always also the shared merch, really hoping to one day see your non tcg post and witness what you’ve managed to already find :smile:

@Julius19 thanks! And i’m not surprised it was you who noticed the snack stickers :smile: snack muk stickers are actually in top 3 of my main wants right now so hoping to widen that section as soon as i can! And the dunkin sticker doubles are actually crimped error ones, i bought a grimer sticker and after receiving it i noticed it was a crimped one which i thougt was funny. Then not very long after that i went to visit my parents and found a small old stash of my forgotten pokemon stickers and, imagine the odds of it, i found a crimped muk sticker i must have opened myself as a kid, the luck of that happening is just so nuts that it’s one of my favourite pairs in my collection :smile:


Yeah, I realize Gen 1 probably has a lot more things out there (they were just putting Pokemon on everything back then), but like you said, there will be some overlap!

I’m way behind on an update to my collection thread :sweat_smile: Things just keep piling in a corner while I push the update off. I should probably give up on hoping to organize it all in one afternoon and should just start working on it piecemeal.


I’ve done both ways, used my free weekend completely to catch up with my new arrivals and the good old dad tactic of 5 minutes hobby time per day repeated every day for a month to catch up with everything :smile:


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Where to even begin?

I remember what feels like years ago asking you why you collected these two - you said something along the lines of “everything deserves to be appreciated at some point” and so started a collection of what was probably the most disliked Pokemon along the lines of Jynx and Mr. Mime.

And holy crap! I never thought I’d say I’d be jealous of a GM collection, but you succeeded in your mission of having people appreciate these two more. Because I’m finally sitting down and enjoying my time looking through these.

Seeing the Venonat Cameo, the Shiny Alolan Grimer. The sheer horror-defining depiction of Grimer in Team Aqua’s Grimer. And I had no idea that a Dewott card cameod one either! I love that you have a section dedicated to your favorite arts. Never knew they had a baby-form of Grimer in consideration either.

And the non-tcg sections are just so much fun. It’s interesting to see how many different things Grimer and Muk showcased in that Gyarados didn’t. I love it in part because half of them I don’t think I’ve ever seen before so it makes me excited to think what might I be missing? It gives folks a reminder that there is always more and that variance really can define a collection. So glad you also included that 4-Frame comic into your collection.

I only have one question:

As you are now an expert at this time, can you explain why TPCI hasn’t seen the potential to make a Ditto-Muk Promo card yet?


It is your destiny


@azulryu you are one of my original big idols of species collecting so it’s always nice to hear big words from you :slight_smile: and yes, i’m genuinely surprised and flattered how well people here have accepted my guys as great collectables and are taking part in my passion of collecting them, it still gets me off guard tho and i didn’t expect for example all these posts about this update but it’s as heartwarming as anything in this hobby can be! And there’s no way that comic didn’t find it’s way in my collection :smile: and about that ditto question, it hasn’t really been a realistic hope until now! It feels like tpc/tpci have only recently started using more creativity and imagination with their cards and artworks so anything like that feels more realistic now. The use of ditto in cards after yuka morii’s clay set has in any case been super dull and it has missed a lot of it’s potential until now with the recent numel ditto appearance, so i do hope that would lead in more similar card ideas. They have after all combined the two slimes in plushes already so the idea already lingers somewhere in their minds!

And @Kijamon i agree that this is a must have :smile: i’m still in process of getting a middleman to help me with a pokemon center order, the pain of being a european collector, but there’s no way that sweater doesn’t eventually end up spending the whole winter on me


If you get stuck drop me a pm. I live in the UK

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Thanks but unfortunately UK pokemon center lacks some items i would need so i rely on US this time :smile:

Life has been a bit too much of a mess lately, the twins both had their tongue tendon operated which has me doing tons of post-operative mouth treatment and they just hate it. In addition our fridge had broken which led in water damage in our kitchen and possibly in living room too and it probably forces us to move out for a while and renew the whole floor in our home after the water has been dried.

But E4 is awesome, these two packages arrived some time ago, massive thanks to both @citriina and @drxfrd :slight_smile: Citriina very kindly offered to gift me the play muk she obtained (but i have to say i like the blue muk variant even more) and Drxfrd agreed to part with this magnificient grimer error he showed in another thread. The help people are willing to offer to grow my slime army takes me off guard every time.


I’m glad it arrived safely! And I hope your living situation will improve again soon :frowning:

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Which grimer/muk tcg card was the most difficult to obtain?

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@drxfrd thank you!

@cyberurchin from the official ones definitely 3rd print fossil muk since i managed to find L2 unlimited reverse holos in quite early phase, i know a lot of people struggle with them. But the ultimate tcg mun grail is still on different level. It’s not an official release but ultimately the most difficult tcg muk is cosmos foil fossil muk which i’ve decided to try if i can obtain it. I’ve already gathered funds if an opportunity to buy it comes but it very rarely appears for sale so not sure how that’ll go, if anyone knows of a copy for sale any leads and hints about it are highly appreciated!