Japanese Web Cards

Are these considered promos or just another series? :confused:

They are (•_•) , ( •_•)>⌐■-■ , (⌐■_■) a Promo Series.

;D lol

Thanks for clearing that up.

If you need more information, here is a link.

Don’t worry Frosty I got my answer, here are the keys to the thread. lol

You got an awesome deal Stuart! I would think one could maybe get $100 for that card in PSA 10 based on the Illustration. There are no completed listings I know of.

That is just a guess I could be way wrong. I’d personally pay at least $70 for one right now in PSA 10 condition if that means anything.

I’m hoping to collect the Web set in the future, although I’m on the fence about whether to try and collect a PSA 10 set or just a simple ungraded set. Your thoughts anyone? I’m leaning towards simple in-binder set.

Well tbh i never see the point of C/UC grading. Just takes up too much space and costs a lot to do. What i’m working on is a PSA holo and possibly rare set (depending on what condition the ones i get hold of are). That was i can still enjoy most of them in a binder but still have the rarer ones protected and hopefully all PSA9s and 10s.

Yeah you’re probably right. Plus it’s like impossible to sell a graded set for a fair price. The only commons and uncommons I deem worth grading are 1st edition base.

Yeah 1st ed base are still worth a fair bit graded so you may as well if its in good nick.

Well complete PSA graded sets seem to have a little trouble selling whether they include C/UC or not. But i suppose if you sell them separately you could get a reasonable profit (if you can get hold of mint ones).

Thanks Stuart!!!

Yeah you’re right. I have a McDonalds set in a binder, it’s well suited for that. I graded the holos…well basically because I could :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to one day go for a Web set and VS set to keep in my binder. Problem is that they’re probably the new back? I’m trying to limit myself to the old back cards…and again I only have the McDonald’s set because I can ahha. It doesn’t fit my collection really.

I wish my Japanese Base 1st editions were worth grading. Many of them are very well-played cards. Then again, they are so uncommon, I’d take them in just about any condition. :slight_smile:

The population of PSA graded Web cards is pretty low. I think it would be well worth grading the holos. I have graded about 5 holos from the set (still waiting to get them back).

the McDonald’s set with 18 cards has absolutely beautiful artwork and i think every collector should have set. The holos looks awesome.