Japanese VS Rocket's Tyranitar

Hey guys I have been looking for this card everywhere but with no luck :sob: Does anyone here have one for sale or knows where to get one. There is one on eBay but it’s non holo. Im looking for the holo one.

i believe all the VS rocket’s tyranitar were all holo none came non-holo from what i remember

There’s a non holo one on eBay and the seller also said it’s non holo :slightly_frowning_face:

Anybody have this?

That ebay one is the non holo one lol. Dang I know a few people who have them but are not willing to sell lol. :sob: :sob: :sob:

How much would a mint one sell for?

Oh sorry about double posting I asked him again and he said he doesn’t know what holo means so I explained and he said yes

If you’re still interested, I could sell you one for less than 40 including shipping.

Ok what’s the condition?

I have 2 one in mint condition and one in NM condition. Cost would be dependent on which one of course, I could upload a picture if you’re interest =D

I would like the mint. And how much would u be willing to sell for? Could you also post the pic of it?

I think it’ll be around $45 shipped in the US, let me grab you a picture.

could u do $40?

I’ll meet you in the middle at $42.50 to cover fees. Here’s a picture - i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee426/Aphotic_Pkmn/rocktyr.jpg

Ok deal. Will u provide tracking number? Also, do u take paypal?

Would you do $43.50 to cover tracking, but yes Paypal is fine.

Ok ill do 43.50. What’s ur paypal account so I can send? Should I send as goods?

I’ll pm it to you, don’t want spam ><