Japanese UR Rocky Helmet 065/059 1st ed

I went out on a limb and bought a mint japanese 1st ed UR Rocky Helmet 065/059 from BW6 for $24 with free shipping. I am thinking I got a pretty good value but did not see any other previous sales. I actually didn’t even really need the card though so I would like to maybe sell or trade.

I am looking for some cards from Megalo Cannon BW9-
SR Iris 082/076, UR 084/076 Virizion, and UR 085/076 Dusknoir

Perhaps something rare from BW4.

Throw me an offer as I am willing to entertain anything interesting, unique, or rare.

Thank you

Just curious- Is this card only available as 1st edition? I don’t know enough about the Japanese BW cards but I haven’t really seen any that weren’t 1st edition