Japanese sets

Hi everyone,

How much would you expect to pay for each of the following sets if you are buying them in near mint to mint condition (unplayed):

(1) Complete Japanese Expansion Pack (102 cards)

(2) Complete Japanese Pokemon Jungle Set (48 cards)

(3) Complete Japanese Pokemon Fossils (48 cards)

(4) Complete Japanese Rocket Gang (65 cards)

Thanks so much.

Were you looking to buy or sell? because i might have a buy opportunity if your looking to buy.

Referring to sales outside of sales thread I’m sure is incorrect. I’m referring to a group buy I’m not selling. Just so i don’t get int trouble

Hi, I have found what I believe is a Japanese Pocket Monsters card in my old folder… Was just wondering if anyone knew what it was as I cannot find it online, It seems to be a red Caterpillar hanging on a log… The stats are Lv. 18, HP 40 and it’s attack damage is 20… Number in the bottom right corner is 165…

Just curious as to whether this card was just basic or not as I cant read the writing… Remember finding it as a kid and thinking it was rare at the time haha

Thanks to anyone that can help!