Japanese Gold Stars

Just recently bought a gold star mewtwo and pikachu japanese cards gem mt 10. Just wondering at what price range would you guys buy these cards at and if the value will go up.

I don’t know the current market value but I’d personally pay no more than $100 each. I also consulted my magic 8 ball about the future value but it told me to ask again later.

Sorry for not being helpful at all haha. They are very nice cards, I hope you enjoy them.

I don’t know if you know but these two came out in a gift box instead of in a set. The pro to this is that you know exactly what sealed item to buy to get both cards 100%. The con is that they have a fair chance of being damaged in the box. Overall they are going to be easier to find than most other Japanese Gold Stars I believe. Probably $100 to maybe $150 is the ceiling right now, but those gift boxes aren’t getting any more common. They can go up in the future but they aren’t particularly hard to find right now so it may take a while.

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so 100 to 150 for a gem mint 10? dam, hoping it was higher.

Just hold on to them. They will rise in price in age. Might take 5-10 years yo have significant price though.

I couldn’t pay a hundred for them today but I can see an increase in the future.

Sold listings of pikachu show the range is about 90-140 gbp and the mewtwo seems about the same. The sealed tins they come in have really started to dry up and they are not just gold stars but also popular species. I would hold onto them as i can definitely see the price going up at some point.

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Prices for PSA10 GS japanese pikachu and mewtwo are definitely around 100-150 range (I sold mine for around that price just a month ago)

Not too sure about value in the future but considering these 2 GS cards are the cheapest PSA10s and that the English counterparts are comparatively way more expensive, I see them as very good substitute/alternative (especially pikachu)

I would pay 150 for each. You’re not gonna find them for 100 on eBay.

I recently bought 2 mewtwo goldstars at 10s in March/April.

Paid £75 & £83.

Know at that price its a steal.

Will come back out the loft in 5 years and see what prices are saying then!

Hope this helps!