japanese ex boxes?

i was wondering if anyone knew where to purchase the “elusive” ex/adv set boxes in japanese. the ex sets are my favorite but they’re so hard to find in japanese.

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well i found that link to a website that seems to have some rare boxes for quite cheap. i would like to make an order, but i’m not sure if they’re legitimate. they have loose packs of the adv sets and boxes of some sets like flight of legends and clash in the blue sky, but i don’t want to risk it

They are legit (I’ve bought from them loads of times) - but stuff might be out of stock. They have flat rate shipping so buy in bulk if you use them :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Wow, some stuff is actually available. (Loads isn’t though)

there actually some places online that has the Ex series boxes in japanese.of course some of em are sold out ususally but there are places with em.just have to look.

…do you want to share with the rest of us what these places are?

last time i saw ex boxes were at ideal808

They sometimes pop up on PWCC :smile:


Really :face_with_raised_eyebrow: